As of March 12th when the checkbook and final paperwork was turned over, Mancorad is now part of LARSC.

The 146.610 W9DK repeater are now under LARSC’s control.  LARSC also gained the W9MTW and K9MTW call sign pair, though uncertain if they will be retained.

The 145.110 repeater has been transferred to Steve K9ZW and will be using his call sign.  Plans are to install a WIRES/Fusion unit in April.

Mancorad W9DK has closed it’s post office box and mail is being redirected to its LARSC address.

It is awesome that Mancorad has gained a new lease on life combining with LARSC.


The Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club (LARSC) is absorbing the Mancorad radio club.

In an effort to eliminate duplicate club efforts and recognizing the changes in potential club demographics & member involvement trends, Mancorad is becoming a “sub-club” of LARSC.

The long favorite 146.610 repeater will have its official call sign changed to W9DK, and will join the other LARSC managed repeaters.

The former Mancorad 145.110 back-up repeater is being taken over by Steve K9ZW and will be updated to use the K9ZW call sign. K9ZW plans to implement all the Fusion/WIRES-X digital capabilities the Yaesu DR-1X repeater unit K9ZW is providing can offer. The goal of the revised K9ZW 145.110 Fusion/WIRES-X repeater is to give our community’s operators a chance to experiment and learn Digital 2m communications on a repeater otherwise not dedicated to Emcom as a priority.

The Mancorad historic archive is being transferred to LARSC, and Mancorad’s physical assets will be partially dispersed to deserving hams, some to area ham clubs, and largely to LARSC. Financial assets are being committee reviewed and any excess after Mancorad’s bills are settled with be used in way beneficial to amateur radio.

As an official club Mancorad is in its 73rd year though the founding members had been informally meeting for many years before the club was formed. Since roughly it 65th anniversary Mancorad’s contributions to the amateur radio community have largely been limited to supporting the 146.610 and 145.110 repeaters.

LARSC has plans to co-brand some events using the Mancorad name. Once Mancorad’s transfer to LARSC is completed LARSC will have more details available on the LARSC website & social media pages.


Anne KC9YL, Mancorad President
Ken KD9AQM, LARSC President

Attention area hams – LARSC is sponsoring a holiday dinner and you are invited!  Please RSVP if you will be attending!  Should be a great time to have that elusive “eyeball QSO” with other area hams!


Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club’s

Holiday Dinner


Friday, January 11, 2019

at City Limits Supper Club

3627 County Rd. CR, Manitowoc, WI

Cocktails at 6:00  p.m. ~ ~ ~ Dinner at 7:00 p.m.


Broasted Chicken and Beef Sirloin Tips

Potatoes and Gravy, Dressing, Vegetable

Dessert and Coffee


Please RSVP to Cary (920 242-9155 OR by January 2, 2019


Dec 1st 2018 Meeting Notes

Posted: December 3, 2018 in Mancorad Radio Club

Attending Saturday were (11):

Anne KC9YL – Mancorad President
Vern K9EME – Mancorad Vice-President
Steve K9ZW – Mancorad Secretary/Treaurer
Rahlf N9AWG – Past Mancorad Member
Bob N9LVU – Past Mancorad Member
Dale N6JSX – Past Mancorad Member
Gene WB9DQD – Past Mancorad Member
Dan N9FVZ – Past Mancorad Member
Ken KD9AQM – President Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club
John KB3SP – prospective/past Member
Darren R – prospective Ham and Member

K9ZW distributed copies of the notes prepared for the meeting, and the group had a good discussion of the origins of Mancorad, ideas of what could be done now, and possibilities for the future.

A common theme was an interest in keeping the Mancorad name alive, even if not as a club and without repeaters. Several people thought a Mancorad quarterly breakfast would be well received.

The repeater resolution was discussed at length, and everyone left with a clear idea the options.

The group passed around a FlexRadio Systems Maestro remote radio unit and a live & running iPad running SmartSDR remotely to K9ZW’s Manitowoc station. The restaurant was too noisy & full to work QSOs without a headset, so the group was content to receive & play with the panadapter/waterfall.

A few members lingered for the usual meeting-after-the-meeting, mostly seeking clarifications.

Vern K9EME, John KB3SP and Anne KC9YL are making plans to conduct a physical inventory in the new week or so.

As a reminder ideas/proposals should be given to a club officer (Anne KC9YL, Vern K9EME or Steve K9ZW) by December 10th 2018, as the officers have some decisions pending that they hope to make choices on December 15th 2018.  All are “good” at if you wouldn’t happen to have an email address for one of them.

One really strong request that was echoed across the group was to have another breakfast meeting in January!


Steve K9ZW

Having been asked about area VE option here is the recently announced Sheboygan VE Group’s planned schedule:


Saturdays – Registration at 8:30am, Testing begins promptly at 9:00 am

Saturday, January 12
Saturday, March 09
Saturday, November 09

Tuesdays – Registration at 6:30 PM, testing at 7:00 PM

Tuesday, May 21
Tuesday, July 16
Tuesday, September 17

Details at the SARC Website:

(It is always best to confirm a session is actually being held before driving out of town for any of the groups offering testing.)

Created a new list of expected attendees for the Saturday December 1st 7:30 AM meeting a Knife and Fork Manitowoc.

List of those who’ve said they will attend (current headcount is 9):

  • Anne KC9YL – Mancorad President
  • Vern K9EME – Mancorad Vice-President
  • Steve K9ZW – Mancorad Secretary/Treaurer
  • Rahlf N9AWG – Past Mancorad Member
  • Bob N9LVU – Past Mancorad Member
  • Dale N6JSX – Past Mancorad Member
  • Gene WB9DQD  Past Mancorad Member
  • Dan F9FVZ – Past Mancorad Member
  • Ken KD9AQM – President Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club

List of those asking to be kept informed, but unable to attend:

  • Stephen WB9MCJ
  • John KB3SP
  • Mark W9MV
  • Carl KD9KAD

Meeting will be December 1st 2018, 7:30 AM at the Fork and Knife (2209 S 44th St).

Here is the agenda:

Mancorad Direction Meeting Agenda – December 1st 2018

Meeting Discussion Goals:

  • Quick summary of where Mancorad is at.
  • Input on Mancorad forward direction and potential hand-off
  • Need to bring expenses in line with income
  • Input on Repeater direction
    • Disposition of the 146.610 repeater
    • Transfer of the 145.110 repeater to K9ZW
    • Alternatives
      • Repeater Trust
      • Shutting them down
    • Input on disposition of remaining physical and economic assets
    • Agreement on time frame and commitments

Quick Summary of where Mancorad is at:

Presently Mancorad has an active roster of less than ten “members.”  Three are the club officers (KC9YL, K9EME and K9ZW).  The club last had a full formal meeting in 2014.

There is a limited pool for returning active members.  Due to an aging former membership base there is a limited old-member base able to be active.  Local area draw-downs have decreased the number of enthusiastic participants as they have been forced to relocate.  A long standing inability to bridge the divides in the local ham population continues to discourage returning members.  The population of new hams created through the HamCram program did not produce additional Mancorad members.

The pool for new active members is limited by new hams and hams moving to area largely choosing to either participate “club-less” or limited their club participation to a limited number of clubs.

Competition for the limited number of club members favors the presently more active clubs and Mancorad hasn’t a good forward path that support the WHOLE ham local community, as new activities are likely to reduce the participation levels for the presently active clubs.  In the interest of supporting the area ham community Mancorad has actively encouraged members and potential members to support other area clubs, and has avoided duplicating their efforts.

Mancorad has not been collecting dues for a number of years, and has existed on a share of monies earned by the club president (Anne KC9YL) from the foundation’s honorariums and by Steve K9ZW covering insurance, administrative & repeater/tower costs.  Technically the club has not had sufficient income to meet expenses since 2013 but had gotten by with the honorarium share and with Steve K9ZW covering the insurance costs by loaning the club money.  Presently the club has approximately $2,525 in the bank and has been lent roughly $7,350 by Steve K9ZW.  If the club were wound-up the debt owed to Steve K9ZW exceeds the available Mancorad cash by $4,825.

Without any repairs or reinvestment in better gear, without any operating budget for events, and basically sitting idle, the club needs roughly $600/yearly to cover insurance and various fees.  The income from share honorariums is expected to end soon.

Presently Mancorad is NOT a 501c3 for taxation purposes.  The 501c3 status was lost when IRS notifications misdirected to former officers’ home addresses were not forwarded to Mancorad, allowing the 501c3 status to expire.  Since the loss of status it had been decided that the freedom not being a 501c3 in case of asset disposition was more attractive than a little used tax donation benefit, as we had so few actual qualifying donations.

Mancorad presently does not have a club shack.  In 2016 the city parks building was repurposed and the club shack was relocated to the Old Armory.  While we knew the Old Armory was not going to meet Mancorad’s needs we did lease and insure a meeting room at the Armory for a year to make sure that the ARES/RACES (and now LSARC) groups would also receive space.  With the Armory location is not being ADA accessible, and facing colocation issues with the ARES/RACES shack on the same rooftop, Mancorad dropped its lease with the city once it was certain the city would allow ARES/RACES to remain at the Armory.

Since then the physical belongings of Mancorad have been stored by Steve K9ZW.  Much of the vintage gear was given away or loaned long term to hams who didn’t have HF gear of their own.  There is basically the file cabinet of old minutes and a trailer load of gear & memorabilia in storage with Steve K9ZW.  The storage has been provided at no cost to Mancorad.

Additionally the club has three call signs – W9DK, W9MTW (paired with the 146.610 repeater) and K9MTW (paired with the 145.110 repeater).

The W9MTW 146.610 repeater is older gear located on a City of Manitowoc site.  The K9MTW 145.110 repeater is now located at Steve K9ZW’s plant, using their tower and facilities.  It is also presently on older gear, though as a personally supported project Steve K9ZW has a Yaesu DR-1 WIRES II/Fusion digital repeater programed and ready to install.

Two things are changing with have necessitated this discussion.

  • Steve K9ZW reports that the storage building is being reused by expansion at his work, and Mancorad’s storage area is going to disappear.
  • Additionally Steve K9ZW reports that due to his personal station building projects and limitations due to his health that he is planning to curtail club participation greatly.


Input on Mancorad forward direction and potential hand-off

“Mancorad in Storage” will be coming to end.

Physically both the 146.610 and 145.110 can remain where they are. (See later discussion on ownership/control of the repeaters)

If a suitable group wanted to take over Mancorad after making arrangements on its debt and physical location issues the club could be passed along.

Lacking a takeover/merger prospect the largest annual cost to Mancorad of insurance can be reduced by roughly 2/3rds by getting rid of the repeaters and equipment.

K9ZW has offered to provide continuing storage for just the file cabinet of minutes, shrink-wrapped and put on a small pallet, if no other location can be found to store them.


Need to bring expenses in line with income

The present subsidy of shared honorariums is coming to an end, as will K9ZW covering expenses.

What money in the bank Mancorad already falls short of the covering what K9ZW has lent the club.


Input on Repeater direction

Doing something about the repeaters would do a lot towards balancing the budget and make dormant storage possible.  It would also help out any new group taking over Mancorad.

  • Disposition of the 146.610 repeater

The 146.610 repeater needs a certificate of insurance annually to meet the city’s needs. It is proposed to give the 146.610 repeater to another group, as the expected increase in insurance for a group already insuring repeaters is nominal.  With the 146.610 repeater would go the paired call sign.  

  • Transfer of the 145.110 repeater to K9ZW

The 145.110 repeater could be insured by K9ZW as part of the plant insurance already covering the tower at the plant.  To do this the repeater needs to be “owned” by Steve K9ZW, as he has a formal personal lease and insurance arrangement at the site.  Again the paired call sign would go with the repeater.  With ownership clarified the DR-1 WIRES II/Fusion gear can be put in place and connected to the internet, giving area hams something new to try out.  An onsite personal area would physically house the 145.110 repeater if transferred to Steve K9ZW. Steve K9ZW has agreed to personally absorb the debts Mancorad owes him in exchange for the 145.110 repeater and the other remaining Mancorad gear in storage.

  • Alternatives

There are several additional alternatives to consider.

  • Repeater Trust

A Trust to hold the repeaters, and potentially the other area repeaters could be formed, and insurances reduced in the process.

  • Shutting them down

As repeater usage remain light and funding scarce the repeaters could be shut down.  The cost of getting the 146.610 repeater off the city town and the gear out of the city’s radio shelter could be met by selling the gear from both repeaters.

  • Insurance ramifications and access limitations for the 145.110 repeater if held in trust or transferred to another group, while hosted at K9ZW’s work site.

Scenarios where the 145.110 repeater remains at the Crafts Inc plant site with ownership transferring to a trust or another group, the new repeater owners will be responsible for insuring the repeater, and producing an insurance certificate acceptable to the hosts.  As only escorted limited access during business hours can be expected – especially if K9ZW was unavailable to aid site access – the new owning group would need to arrange appropriate remote controls, whether by internet, phone or a 70cm link.  (Insurance guidelines – General Liability has been running $320/yearly and property insurance presently runs 1.5% of the scheduled declared equipment values yearly for another $217 each year.)

Input on disposition of remaining physical and economic assets

To reduce the storage needs the remaining physical gear of Mancorad could be sold off or given away.  If the group is wound-up, goes into dormant storage, or is merged with another group, Steve K9ZW is agreeable if what cash is available would be put towards the debt owed to him along with the left over equipment.   Regardless of Mancorad’s future direction the excess physical gear needs find a new home by the end of January 2019.  If instead the stored gear is to be disposed or sold, Vern K9EME Club Vice President had indicated he would help with that process.

Agreement on time frame and commitments

  • Any alternative proposals need to get to the club quickly so they can be considered. Proposals can be submitted to any club officer, preferable by email.  The club officers will be making their decision, including evaluating any proposals put to Mancorad, with a decision being made on or before December 15th 2018To have enough time to distribute, consult and clarify proposals, it is requested that proposals be sent to the club officers by December 10th 2018.
  • As the four positions are being filled by just three club members, Steve K9ZW is being asked to participate while being acutely aware of the conflicts of interest that have come up. Though Steve K9ZW holds two board slots he will be voting only once.
  • To meet Crafts Inc’s needs to clear their building for expansion Mancorad is being asked to have a plan to them by December 31st 2018 and to have physically handled removals by January 18th Lacking any plan or action the stored items will be considered abandoned, allowing Crafts Inc the liberty to complete their expansion.
  • Present insurances, post office box and other fees are all good until at least July 2019.