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Changes to 60M Rules

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Mancorad Radio Club

I ran across this on and thought some may be interested…

-Scott / W9JSB

I will attempt to provide a basic overview of the
changes and rules in plain language, as they apply to the
Amateur Radio Service in USA. See the synopsis
below, but please rely only upon the actual FCC rules.

Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA

Please remember that our national association has an extensive website and web-reference at:

American Radio Relay League | ARRL – The national association for AMATEUR RADIO.



No date has been set yet, but this will be one not to miss!

I will post more when more news is released.

-Scott / W9JSB

At our November 12th 2011 meeting Jeremy KC9BWK gave an outstanding presentation on his 80m & 20m SSB Transceiver Project.

Jeremy KC9BWK used several references and worked out his own design, with each module built up as a separate entity.

Some examples – like the 5 kHz oscillator module in the candy tin feature cut-trace circuit boards.

Others like the mixer module standing on edge in the center featured boards he etched himself.

Where appropriate or where revisions required it “dead bug” and mixed building techniques are used. These are amplifier modules built around parts taken from old computer supplies. The smaller outputs roughly 20 watts and the larger design 120 watts on 80m.

Much of the transmitter portion is built inside a shielding framework, again with a mix of cut-trace and dead-bug design.

Most of us never think how there are a series of functional modules in our radio. This is Jeremy KC9BWK’s transceiver with frequency counter & display, filters and most components.

Much of the inspiration for his design is based on an excellent web-book “Crystal Sets to Sideband” by Frank Harris, KØIYE, the latest version (#12) which is available as a PDF or for online reading at and also in a printed copy (it is 436 pages to print out) at—a-guide-to-building-an-amateur-radio-station/16249809 (I intend to order one at one of Lulu’s periodic sales).

Jeremy had to report that the current ARRL books were not very useful for this sort of work, though he did adapt one module’s design from an old ARRL Handbook. Compared to the Frank Harris K0IYE book he couldn’t recommend any of the main ARRL books.

Here is another view of the exciter portion of the transmitter.

Many of the controls have been remoted to allow eventual placement in a case.

The frequency counter uses a PIC chip, which Jeremy has offered to program member’s PICs if they want t build their own.

The modules mostly use coax with RCA plugs to interconnect.

Many parts are salvaged from old gear, with a handful of purpose bought components. Jeremy described how he mostly winds his own air-coil toroids rather than trying to wind on ferrite cores.

Many of the components are surface mount items!!

In general he does not drill his boards, preferring to solder leads to the face of the traces.

Here is a final shot of Jeremy KC9BWK showing off his handy work!

Well done Jeremy KC9BWK and thank you for sharing your inspirational project!


Steve K9ZW

Here are the November meeting minutes.


Steve K9ZW

Reminder this month our meeting is one week early and will be held on November 12th at 10 am.

This should keep all the deer hunters in the group happy!

Presenting will be Jeremy KC9BWK showing us the best of his homebrew projects in the club room.

See you Saturday!



Just arrived this afternoon – an interesting special event:


I saw Mancorad ARC on the web site. Could you please pass the following along to your members?

Wardenclyffe, Nikola Tesla’s last laboratory will be on the air November 5th as special event station W3T! Wardenclyffe is located in Shoreham, NY on Long Island. W3T is part of a network of special event stations that are helping to raise awareness for the effort to purchase the laboratory and restore it into a science museum. To read more about the effort to restore Wardencyffe, please check out The other stations in the network are N3Y which will transmit via satellite and possibly HF from the New Yorker Hotel, Tesla’s last home in Manhattan, and YU0TESLA which will transmit on 20m as well as other HF bands from the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. For the latest updates on what frequencies to catch the stations on and a sneak peek at the QSL cards and QTHs, go to

If you’re in the Shoreham area on the 5th, please stop by the station!Also, be sure to check out the Radio Central Amateur Radio Club. They will have the Marconi radio shack onth anniversary of the opening of the RCA transmitting antenna farm in Rocky Point, NY. More details are available at Without the RCA club W3T would not be on the air. Their help has been invaluable!

And, this just in, we are proud to announce that one more historic station will be on the air with us on the 5th of November, the Police Athletic League Amateur Radio Club of Yonkers, NY, a mere few meters from the site of the first FM transmission 66 years ago on November 5th of 1935 will be on the air with same call sign as the historic station: W2XAG.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to help out, please feel free to contact me at

73 de KD0FNR Hamilton Carter

Good Luck if you can work the event!


Steve K9ZW