Jeremy KC9BWK’s Homebrew Radio Logging Contacts

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Mancorad Radio Club

Update on Jeremy’s Radio – even some DX in the first contacts logged!

Well done Jeremy!

You can read & see much more about his neat project at:



Hi Steve K9ZW,

I just wanted to share the news — I made a couple contacts today on 20m!

#1 was KA3UNQ/P at the Drum Pt. lighthouse in MD, #2 was KB1KTF in West Hartford Ct.. I talked a little longer with KB1KTF, and he gave me a good report on audio and signal, so I was very happy! I got the final output up to 5 – 10 watts with a 12v supply and I was going to try 24v next to see if I could get the power up a bit more, but things seem to be working ok so far.

I am just relieved to finally make some contacts so that I can say that the transceiver DOES work! Until now I just thought it was probably working. Getting power output on 20m has been much more difficult than 80m; I made a few changes today that brought the output up a bit more, so I thought I would give it a try and to my amazement it worked.

After trying to make contact for quite a while on 80m it was a huge surprise to hear someone come back to me. I made another contact this evening — VEA6POP in Calgary and he gave me a 5/7 report. It must be a world of difference from the 80m band where I was fairly certain I was putting out more than 5x power than I am on 20m. Now I have to design a QSL card to send out.


Jeremy KC9BWK

Jeremy KC8BWK's Homebrew  SSB Transceiver

Jeremy KC8BWK's Homebrew SSB Transceiver (in Yellow Lines)


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