Wanted – Mancorad W9DK QSL Manager Trainee

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Mancorad News, Mancorad Radio Club, W9DK Operations

There is nothing like doing QSL Manager duty to sharpen one’s skills in “the final courtesy” QSL Card exchange that documents a good contact.

Mancorad does get enough QLS Cards, and eQSLs that there is usually something to do each month, and as a club we really should be doing Log Book of the World (LoTW) as well.

As Club Secretary I have done QSL Manager Duty, though with my own QSL load being so far behind it would be best to eventually have another member do the Club QSL Manager’s duty.

So I’m looking for a Volunteer (or two) who would like to learn the ropes and who would consider assisting or eventually taking on the Club QSL Manager role.

Let Steve K9ZW or any other club officer know if you might be interested.


Steve K9ZW


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