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From the good folk at Radio Free Redoubt, this PDF explains how to listen to PSK – a very interesting, and in case of emergency potentially very important, amateur radio digital mode – with a receiver with some earbuds, a computer with fldigi and a piece of tape.

The PDF is “Popeye’s” article with the comments distilled into an paragraph appendix.

Of course other PSK software will work. The fldigi selection is solid and it is available for a lot of platforms.

This works – at the club we’ve done a demo a few years back doing it this way, including adding the other link between the computer & in our case transceiver to do the transmit side.

The technique fits very well with the Freecom idea of personal preparedness.

Source URL for fldigi

Download URL for fldigi (Linux, Windows, OS X, Puppy Linux and Source)

Original Post at Radio Free Redoubt

The Radio Free Redoubt main page (expected to change this Spring to – that URL presently in testing and will make their website MUCH more readable!)

Tuck this away for rainy day. It is worth downloading the fldigi program mentioned, as a “just in case.”

Of course you can try this now too!

Link to the PDF’s URL:

Popeye’s Guide to PSK the natural way.pdf

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IMPORTANT – The change in meeting time to 2nd Monday of the Month, 6:30 PM at the Club Room!



Our next club meeting is this next Saturday at 10 AM – location the club room.

We have a lot to talk about – early plans for Field Day, some news from the City, possible changes to the Club Meeting format/time/location, upcoming elections, forward club planning and more!

We’re planning a presentation on Propagation and a round-table on station Question & Answers.

Hope to see you there!