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Please find the pdf copy of the membership meeting minutes attached:

Several have asked where is the club room, so we thought we get this picture up.

Meeting Reminder – With the move to the Second Third Monday evening each month, this month’s meeting will be tomorrow:

  • Monday April 9th 2012
  • Location remains the Club Room.
  • Starting at 6:30 PM

We have lots to discuss and a nice presentation to follow.

If this new time works better for you but you happen to be gone this month, please let a club officer know.  We very much appreciate the couple members who have passed on their regrets for April while hoping to attend in May.

See you there!

Manitowoc Native & Mancorad Member Dale N6JSX has an antenna article published at eHam:
HF Vertical Fence Mounted, Ugly-Balun, and Extra Band
(A how-to for 18AVT, AV-12/14, 5/4BTV resurrection)

by N6JSX /8, MS-EET

I bought this used Hy-gain 18AVT 5-band (80/40/20/15/10m) vertical in the mid 80’s. I mounted it 12” off the ground in California, it sort of worked but I was NOT impressed with few DX contacts. Now with +40yrs of HAM’ing, all the Internet articles, and QSO’s that continue to tout HF verticals being the theoretical best antenna for DX it was time to resurrect my mothball from the rafters. Here is what I did to restore my 18AVT, making it one of my NEW FAVORITE HF antennas at my Ohio country home.

Link to the full eHam Article:
Well done Dale!

IMPORTANT – Meeting Monday April 9th 2012, 6:30 PM, Club Room

Meeting Times – We are moving the meeting to the Second Monday evening each month, in the Club Room starting at 6:30 pm. The traditional “lunch” snack will return.

  • This month that is April 9th 2012
  • Location remains the Club Room.
  • Starting at 6:30 PM

As a discussion point to be brought up at the meeting, we are considering not meeting for the summer. Operating Event instead?

We will be discussing Field Day on Monday evening!

See you there!