Mancorad 501c3 Status Confirmation

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Mancorad Radio Club

Note during Spring 2013 Mancorad was notified that our 501c3 status was dropped by the IRS under some new rules.

Presently Mancorad is not listed as a 501c3 while things are sorted out.

Several club members have asked about how a person confirms that Mancorad is a 501c3? A while back the IRS stopped publishing Pamphlet 78, which was the “official listing” of 501c3s many people depended upon.

They replaced it with an internet searchable database, and the results for Mancorad are:

If you would need further information please contact a club officer.

The IRS link to do searches yourself is:,,id=96136,00.html



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