Photos from Mancorad 2012 Field Day

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Mancorad Radio Club

Mancorad 2012 Field Day Photo-log

All in all we had a very nice, if short 2012 Field Day in Manitowoc’s Lincoln Park. Displaced by the Graduation Party Crowds we found an excellent spot between two tennis courts. We had a blast and got to speak on the air to a few other members who couldn’t make the event. Logged QSOs didn’t hit 100 in our short few hours of operating, but we did prove that we could make QSOs from coats to coast (and a few DX) with the simplest of equipment. We never had more than six members at one time, which is somewhat to be expected with all the conflicts this year.

Here are the photos and comments:

Roger K9EMG and Steve K9ZW in a Field Day conversation. Roger K9EMG recently joined Manitowoc’s Amateur Radio community moving from Madison area to the Felician Village Complex.

Jeremy KC9BWK proficiently pounded out SSB QSOs with his great technique. Notice the paper logging for simplicity.

This year we exclusively used a Hamstick Dipole Antenna at about 25ft. Simple setup using a Workmate bench as the base, US Army surplus camo-support poles as the mast and two Hamsticks in a commercial Hamstick Dipole Adaptor.Squeeze champs tie everything together and an extra clamp just a bit above the workmate bench is the “Armstrong Rotor” to turn the antenna.

Another view of Jeremy KC9BWK in action!

Notice how Scott W9JSB kept out of the pictures by being the photographer? In this view Bob N9LVU has his back to us, Jeremy KC9BWK is at the Kenwood, Steve K9ZW is still talking and Roger K9EMG is hiding behind the wood column. Alison KC9MPL refused to be photographed, claiming the event was a “guy thing” this year!

Bob N9LVU shares some of his knowledge of older Manitowoc radio amateurs and about his various enhancements of J-Pole antenna designs.

73 de Team Mancorad W9DK


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