Providing Mutal Aid

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Mancorad News, Mancorad Radio Club

First kudos to those Mancorad Members who stepped up to the plate to help Manitowoc ARES/RACES with their SKYWARN mission a few Fridays ago. On June 22nd 2012 unexpected weather built and moved through late afternoon on an otherwise quiet Friday. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward, with many people either still at work and already departed for their weekend activities.

Yet there was a need for SKYWARN and any help mutual aid could provide.

Mancorad actively encourages each and every able member to assist in times of need. While we focus primarily on training and as a feeder organization for Emcom, we do support every individual member’s efforts to become & be “Emcom Active.”

As a reminder which ever Emcom group you are assisting – whether RACES, ARES, SKYWARN, SATRN, or any of the others – they become your “active organization” while you are participating. Guess that is a fancy way to say “Mancorad isn’t the one participating, it is Mancorad’s Members AS INDIVIDUALS who are Participating.”

Remember you can belong to more than one Radio Club, Organization and Group – most of us are not only Mancorad Members, but most are ARRL Members, and most have at least one or two (or more) additional memberships in groups like Manitowoc ARES/RACES, NEWDXA, USS Cobia Radio Club, QCWC, Handihams, FISTS, PODXS 070, 3905 CC, OMISS or any one of the hundreds of other radio interest groups.

Get involved and help out – it will improve your radio experience!


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