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Rahlf N9AWG reports all gear has a new home.  73

Rahlf N9AWG is upgrading his geat and has the following for sale:

W2LJ pointed this out – looks excellent:

Youtube – How to Coil a Cable



The little twist every other gatherer loop is the trick!


With June being Field Day focused and July & August being dark months (no formal meeting) we have a fair bit to catch up with at our September meeting.

If you have items you’d like to ask be included in our agenda, please email them in or add them here as comments.  We do want to keep our efforts to make business the minor part of the meeting.

Program will be anounced a couple weeks before (waiting for a confirmation).

Look forward to seeing you in September!


As a reminder our next meeting will be Monday September 17th, 6:30 PM at the Club Room.

Lots of updates for the membership!

During our “quiet months” a fair bit of administrative work has carried on, and a full report will also be ready for the meeting.

See you there!