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Tony's Pizza

Tony’s Pizza

While nobody can be certain if it will be cold out third Monday of December, we do know that for energy savings the club room will be fairly cool.

And it is the Holiday Season!

So for our next meeting we will meet at Tony’s Pizza – 2204 Washington Street Manitowoc – at 6:30 pm on Monday December 17th.

This is a great opportunity to bring along your spouse, friend or family – especially anyone how shares an interest in Amateur Radio.

RSVP to would be appreciated.


Mancorad W9DK/W9MTW/K9MTW

WIth the people traveling, ill, hunting, or away for funerals, we had too low of a turnout for an official meeting. Here are a few notes to share:

As a reminder our next meeting is this next Monday, November 19th 2012, 6:30 PM at the Club Room.

See you there!