No Politics – The Story Behind Why We’re Meeting at Tony’s Pizza

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Mancorad News, Mancorad Radio Club

Following up on an enquiring mind’s comment “Tony’s Pizza ’cause he’s running for Mayor?” a few comments are in order.

During the Winter Months the building housing the Club Room is on an energy saving heat setting, and is pretty chilly for sitting around for a meeting.  Several members suggested we find a warmer (and easier to get to) place for these cold months.

When Tony’s Pizza was selected, Tony had not entered the political world.  It was simple choice of somewhere that didn’t require a reservation, was modest in cost, was warm, and was easy to find.  Oh, and it needed to be open on Monday nights.

Simple as that.

Now that Tony has entered the political race for Mayor we do need to point out the club is not about politics at all.  We have a great relationship with Mayor Justin Nickels and Justin’s staff.

It is all about working well with good people.

We’re not certain if Tony has any interest in Amateur Radio.  The restaurant sure is interested in treating Radio Amateurs decently as paying customers. (Many people may not know that Tony is only a minority shareholder at Tony’s Pizza, having sold the majority interest for financial reasons fairly recently).

So no politics behind the selection of Tony’s Pizza for the club’s winter meetings – just recognition that the pizza is good, the hospitality is warm, the price is right, and we don’t have to bundle up like we would upstairs at the club room.



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