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Travel obligations and work has gotten the best of Mancorad’s usual Field Day efforts, and we will not be offering an organized club led Field Day.

Instead we will be encouraging individual efforts and those opportunities are available to club members.

Steve K9ZW expects to be operating /P portable on Washington Island, Wisconsin – US Island Program WI-001L   Please contact K9ZW well in advanced if you are interested in joining his efforts as the Island accommodations and transport/logistics issues need to be handled (basically if you coming in for the day, you can take the ferry or fly in, and join K9ZW, provided you either leave on that day’s last ferry or arrange someplace to overnight – some additional camping is available with advanced notice).[Unless you can arrange your own housing on the Island, Steve K9ZW has had all available beds spoken for on Field Day weekend.  Day visitors still are a possibility. – Editor]

Scott W9JSB is planning to operate /P portable with his children in town.  He hadn’t decided what modes or if he will be QRP as this is written.  [Scott W9JSB’s revised schedule will likely be in the way of any serious Field Day operations.  Busy People and a Busy Summer do cut into operating opportunities. – Editor]

Next Mancorad meeting is in September – watch this blog for details.