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As a head’s up, the former Club Shack/Meeting Room at 1125 Fleetwood (Fleetwood and Waldo, in the City Park’s Building) is NO MORE.

The building is being repurposed by the City and we are in the last stages of vacating the room.

We’ve taken the opportunity to downsize/sell/give away/dispose of the years of accumulation, most which was seldom if ever used.  Particular focus was given to area hams needing a helping hand, to members with special interest/affiliation to memorabilia, and to benefit local charity.  Holiday House, our local sheltered workshop, was selected as the recipient charity for appropriate items.

Nominally the club’s new location is upstairs at the Manitowoc Armory at Citizen’s Park, but as the facility has the same access issues as the club room we’ve just left the new area will be used only for storage and equipment prepositioning.

Mancorad’s negotiations for a new space presented an opportunity to benefit other area hams, and we were able to get the Manitowoc ARES/RACES Group a room down the hall from our new space.  As their long time host, the American Red Cross, had closed the Manitowoc office and intends to sell it, the timing was excellent to lend them a hand.

Mancorad Meetings will continue to be held in Handicap accessible venues, with Tony’s Pizza and The Tower Tap high on the list of favorites.

We’ve also been offered storage space and a spot of the 145.110 repeater at Crafts Inc on Menasha Ave, where Club Secretary Treasure Steve K9ZW works.  Through hams in Fond du Lac K9ZW was able to get a Rohn Tower for the 145.110 , which hopefully will return (recoordinated for the ten block move) soon.

As everyone local knows our local economy has taken hit after hit, with the latest Manitowoc Cranes move affecting Mancorad as members have moved on.

Mancorad President Scott W9JSB has moved to Michigan, and while remaining a Mancorad Member has resigned as a club officer.  Anne KC9YL has been appointed to take his place as Mancorad President effective October 1st 2016.

Jeremy KC9BWK, Mancorad Vice President, had back surgery AND had his family instantly expand by he and Tammy being selected as long term foster parents for several children under two years old!  Jeremy hasn’t resigned, but recognizing he has his hands full Vern K9EME has taken on the role as interim Mancorad Vice President while Jeremy is unavailable.

So the present officer list is:

  • President – Anne KC9YL
  • Vice President – (interim) – Vern K9EME
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Steve K9ZW

The club is seeing a lot of change – old members becoming infirm, inactive or passing away, lots of changes due to the local economy being in turmoil, several long term members retiring with an interest to becoming more active now that they have more time, location changes, changes in technology, and overall a refocus on social and technical sharing part of being a club.

Officers will be discussing a date and location for a meeting/presentation between Thanksgiving and Christmas – almost certainly to be held at place with easy access and service.  So please watch this space for an announcement.


Mancorad W9DK/W9MTW/K9MTW Radio Club