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Much to report, so bullet points are in order:

  • Physical Club Belongings – they are in storage while we work to secure a ground level room to use.  We do have a space in the Armory, but recognized the stairs are a deal-breaker for older club members.
  • Main 146.610 Repeater – basically working okay and we’ve had to reschedule a work party to update settings.  Still identifying as W9DK where the correct ID is W9MTW
  • Backup 145.110 Repeater – is down for repairs, which we’ve also had to reschedule before it can be relocated. A tower is being put up for our use for this repeater.
  • Repeater Listings – we are all good with the coordinator, but the ARRL has been at odds with that group.  We’ve found a way to make sure our information is included by the ARRL’s contractor as they prepare the Repeater Guides.
  • Meetings, Dues and all that Stuff – are all on a hiatus while we find a new space.
  • Field Day – with everything in storage we will not stage our own field day effort and encourage members to help any of the other local groups man their field day 2017 stations.
  • Mobile Trailer Station for Club Use – K9ZW has provided a trailer for the club to use as a portable operating station, though he will retain ownership of the trailer.  The build-out for our use will start this summer.


for Mancorad
Steve K9ZW – Secretary/Treasurer