Mancorad – Fall 2017 Update

Posted: October 12, 2017 in Mancorad Radio Club

Again a lot to report, so bullet points are in order:

  • Some Set Backs – We lost some inertia/time with a few folks dealing with personal health issues.  Now solidly on a steady as we go trajectory again though.
  • Physical Club Belongings – Remain in storage.  We’ve given away a fair bit of the excess to help area hams with underdeveloped stations get on the air.
  • Meetings/Meeting Space – We will discontinue leasing a space in the Armory, as previously noted we had recognized the stairs at the Armory are a deal-breaker for older club members.  We have a space lined up where we can meet with small groups (under 15 folks) so watch for a meeting announcements.
  • Main 146.610 Repeater – basically working okay and we’ve had to reschedule a work party to update settings.  Still identifying as W9DK where the correct ID is W9MTW.  We intend to replace some of the equipment with a new monoband Yaesu Fusion setup, which will add some nice capabilities for the area radio amateurs.
  • Backup 145.110 Repeater – The new tower has its base in place, and we hope to have the antenna and tower up before the snow flies.  The new equipment is the monoband Yaesu Fusion setup, which will add some nice capabilities for the area radio amateurs.  Steve K9ZW has funded the tower installation and purchased the new antenna.
  • Repeater’s going Yaesu Fusion – Last spring Steve K9ZW purchased a pair of new Yaesu Fusion units for the repeaters, but circumstances put Mancorad behind in installing the new units.
  • Meetings, Dues and all that Stuff – remain on a hiatus while we find a new space.
  • Cleaning Up “Old Stuff” – We’ve found a series things needing updating to the current people involved with Mancorad that we’re working through, standardizing the Mancorad Contact information.  Seems some items were being mailed to individuals who wouldn’t forward the notices they received to Mancorad, nor did they return the items to senders.
  • Mobile Trailer Station for Club Use – The same people’s availability issues have pushed out the trailer’s build-out to this winter.  We have a heated location to do the build-out secured.


for Mancorad
Steve K9ZW – Secretary/Treasurer

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