Dec 1st 2018 Meeting Notes

Posted: December 3, 2018 in Mancorad Radio Club

Attending Saturday were (11):

Anne KC9YL – Mancorad President
Vern K9EME – Mancorad Vice-President
Steve K9ZW – Mancorad Secretary/Treaurer
Rahlf N9AWG – Past Mancorad Member
Bob N9LVU – Past Mancorad Member
Dale N6JSX – Past Mancorad Member
Gene WB9DQD – Past Mancorad Member
Dan N9FVZ – Past Mancorad Member
Ken KD9AQM – President Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club
John KB3SP – prospective/past Member
Darren R – prospective Ham and Member

K9ZW distributed copies of the notes prepared for the meeting, and the group had a good discussion of the origins of Mancorad, ideas of what could be done now, and possibilities for the future.

A common theme was an interest in keeping the Mancorad name alive, even if not as a club and without repeaters. Several people thought a Mancorad quarterly breakfast would be well received.

The repeater resolution was discussed at length, and everyone left with a clear idea the options.

The group passed around a FlexRadio Systems Maestro remote radio unit and a live & running iPad running SmartSDR remotely to K9ZW’s Manitowoc station. The restaurant was too noisy & full to work QSOs without a headset, so the group was content to receive & play with the panadapter/waterfall.

A few members lingered for the usual meeting-after-the-meeting, mostly seeking clarifications.

Vern K9EME, John KB3SP and Anne KC9YL are making plans to conduct a physical inventory in the new week or so.

As a reminder ideas/proposals should be given to a club officer (Anne KC9YL, Vern K9EME or Steve K9ZW) by December 10th 2018, as the officers have some decisions pending that they hope to make choices on December 15th 2018.  All are “good” at if you wouldn’t happen to have an email address for one of them.

One really strong request that was echoed across the group was to have another breakfast meeting in January!


Steve K9ZW

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