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The Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club (LARSC) is absorbing the Mancorad radio club.

In an effort to eliminate duplicate club efforts and recognizing the changes in potential club demographics & member involvement trends, Mancorad is becoming a “sub-club” of LARSC.

The long favorite 146.610 repeater will have its official call sign changed to W9DK, and will join the other LARSC managed repeaters.

The former Mancorad 145.110 back-up repeater is being taken over by Steve K9ZW and will be updated to use the K9ZW call sign. K9ZW plans to implement all the Fusion/WIRES-X digital capabilities the Yaesu DR-1X repeater unit K9ZW is providing can offer. The goal of the revised K9ZW 145.110 Fusion/WIRES-X repeater is to give our community’s operators a chance to experiment and learn Digital 2m communications on a repeater otherwise not dedicated to Emcom as a priority.

The Mancorad historic archive is being transferred to LARSC, and Mancorad’s physical assets will be partially dispersed to deserving hams, some to area ham clubs, and largely to LARSC. Financial assets are being committee reviewed and any excess after Mancorad’s bills are settled with be used in way beneficial to amateur radio.

As an official club Mancorad is in its 73rd year though the founding members had been informally meeting for many years before the club was formed. Since roughly it 65th anniversary Mancorad’s contributions to the amateur radio community have largely been limited to supporting the 146.610 and 145.110 repeaters.

LARSC has plans to co-brand some events using the Mancorad name. Once Mancorad’s transfer to LARSC is completed LARSC will have more details available on the LARSC website & social media pages.


Anne KC9YL, Mancorad President
Ken KD9AQM, LARSC President