About, Contact Information & Directions

Mancorad Club Logo

MANitowoc COunty RADio Club Inc

is an Amateur Radio Relay League “Special Service Club” in Manitowoc Wisconsin.

Main club call sign is W9DK, with additional repeater/beacon reserved calls of W9MTW and K9MTW

Presently ManCoRad operates two 2m band repeaters, 146.610 (PL 107) W9MTW and 145.110 (PL 100) K9MTW and has a full club shack W9DK at the Parks Service Building.

Main Club Website is http://www.w9dk.com

Several have asked where is the club room, so we thought we get this picture up.  The club shack which is located at 1105 Fleetwood Dr. Manitowoc, WI, 2nd floor on east end of the building (corner of Fleetwood Dr. and Waldo Bvld.

Club Officers are:

  • President – Scott W9JSB
  • Vice President – Tim N7TAL
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Steve K9ZW
General Club Email is info@w9dk..com  (please edit out the extra period to send an actual email – it was added to reduce Spam).

Celebrating 67 years of Amateur Radio Service in 2013

Repeaters:146.610 MHz – PL 107.2 – W9MTW (presently W9DK)
145.110 MHz – PL 100.0 – K9MTW Manitowoc County Radio Club | P.O. Box 204 | Manitowoc, WI  54220

W9DK Club Meetings and Nets


Every 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm, usually at the club shack which is located at 1105 Fleetwood Dr. Manitowoc, WI, 2nd floor on east end of the building (corner of Fleetwood Dr. and Waldo Bvld.).  Please check the blog listing for exact meeting times and locations (to save energy the club room is rather cool in winter leading to location changes).

Manitowoc Repeater 146.610 MHz PL 107.2

Sunday 10:00 am

Net control instructions

  1. Tom Clark says:

    Didn’t find an e-mail for club, but I’m treasurer of the Friends of Manitowoc Public Library. We regularly get books for sale that library staff have removed from the shelves. Currently have books that were donated by your club and are willing to get them to you if you’re interested and have a place for them.(No charge) Otherwise we’ll put them out for our Krazy Days sidewalk sale. I can probably drop them off.

  2. Darren Reichwaldt says:

    I’m interested in buying some old ham radio equipment and eventually getting my liscence. I have been to a handful of meetings in the past, but I’m not sure if there are any meetings anymore, or whom I should be speaking with about my endevors. Please let me know if anyone has any information. Thanks,

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