Starting at 6:30 pm

See you there!


Work conflicts  and travels have left us with no choice but to push off the March meeting until April.

See you next month!


With tomorrow’s slippery and snowy forecast safety comes first.  So this month’s meeting is canceled.

Please check back for next months schedule.


Sure enough, the weather turns on us when we’re wanting to get together in Winter.

A number of members have called, texted or emailed that with the slick roads, start of heavier snow and low temps/windchill – and worse forecast – that they are NOT leaving their homes tonight.

We’re expected Tony’s will be open and some of use who live nearby will pop in if it isn’t too poor outside, but no formal gathering.

See you in the New Year!


Mancorad W9DK

From our last meetings we’ve decided:

  • Business Meetings will become quarterly = thinking Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct
  • Socials and Operating Events will fill months between quarterly business meetings
  • Minutes will be available to members and may not necessarily be posted on the web
  • Social Meetings in bad weather months will be organized/postponed on story notice – watch this blog.
  • Some excess gear is to be sold – again watch this blog as the task team works through the donated and stored excess gear.
  • A bylaw update will formalize the changes after we’ve tried them out.



TONY’s is Closed for Unknown Reasons – no message on their phone, no sign, but the website says they should be open.

Like all good Radio Amateurs we adapt and have switched to Capone’s at the corner of Marshall and South 10th.

Sorry for the very late change!  Watch the blog of information if Tony’s will work for future meetings or if we’ll be holding them somewhere else.

Talk in via repeater or cellphone.


Mancorad Meeting Minutes

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Mancorad Radio Club

On the agenda for tonight’s discussion is discontinuing the publication on the web of Mancorad Meeting Minutes.  They would continue to be kept in the secretary’s notes and club records.

To date the only requests for meeting minutes over the last three minutes had been from non-Mancorad radio amateurs.  Additionally the only content comments have been from non-Mancorad members.

Being discussed tonight is whether to post minutes on the web, or leave them in our club files?